W.B. Yeats quotes - "great honey-coloured ramparts"

In the poem "For Anne Gregory" when I first read about "those great honey-coloured ramparts at your ear" I immediately thought of Princess Leia from Star Wars and her "cinnamon-bun" hair-do (except that her hair was brown).

But then I saw a postcard and thought that as Anne Gregory was a young girl at the time Yeats wrote the poem this might be a better example of the type of hair she had, so I added an extension to the side of the card to make room for the poem.

Anne Gregory was a grand-daughter of Lady Gregory and lived with her at Coole Park, which is where she met W.B. Yeats. There is a very interesting article about an interview which Aodhán Madden of the Irish Times had with her in 2003. You can read it here.

Anne Gregory wrote the book Me and Nu: Childhood at Coole about her experiences of growing up at Coole and meeting some of the leading writers and artists of the day.

She married Lieut-Col Robert de Winton in 1945 but sadly he was assassinated two years later. She died in 2009, aged 97.

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