Hallmarked Sterling Silver pendant with 45cm sterling silver chain.

Designed and made in Ireland

Pendant Height: 18mm Pendant Width: 13mm

This pendant was inspired by the W.B. Yeats poem A Prayer for my Daughter and shows a heart being presented in a gift box. There is a certain ambiguity about the quote as it is presented here. I see it as a

advice not to give away the heart too easily, to only give it those who deserve it. Alternatively it could be seen as an offer of the heart, or love, with the implication that the recipient has earned it, or at its simplest it is a heartfelt gift, "A Gift from the Heart". How do you see it? Or read the poem and you will see a different meaning altogether.

"Gift from the Heart" Silver Pendant

  • Materials: Hallmarked Sterling Silver with 45cm (18") snake chain presented in a box with quote on card insert as shown in image.

    Size: 23mm x 17mm

    Designed and made in Ireland