About Me


After a thirty year career as a Civil Engineer I rediscovered my love of design and metalworking at a Goldsmithing course at the School of Jewellery Ireland. It wasn't completely surprising as I still remember how much I enjoyed a hands-on course in metalworking which I did as part of my engineering course many years ago. Having retired from engineering I now work full-time designing and crafting silver jewellery at my home in Drumcliffe in the beautiful County of Sligo in the north-west of Ireland.

On top of Ben Bulben

About my Jewellery


I make most of my jewellery using the "Lost Wax" method of jewellery making.  This involves carving shapes in a hard wax which is then used to make a casting in silver. The piece of wax is destroyed in the process and so the name "Lost wax". I also make some of my pieces directly from sheet metal, shaping it and piercing it using a jewellers saw. 

Living in Co. Sligo it is hard to avoid the influence of the poet W.B. Yeats who spent his childhood Summers in County Sligo. The beautiful and evocative images in his poetry and the places he refers to is the inspiration for many of my pieces.

About W.B. Yeats

William Butler Yeats was a famous Irish poet who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923.

Yeats spent many of his childhood Summers in Sligo staying with his mother's family and was strongly influenced by the Irish myths and folk tales he heard from the local people there. Much of his poetry was inspired by these myths and the landscape and places in Sligo and nearby Leitrim . 


He is buried in Drumcliffe Churchyard where his grave is marked by a simple headstone with the inscription:

Cast a cold eye

On life, on death,

Horseman, pass by!